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collaborative, empowering, & elite voice training for professional singers

Voice Lessons offer in New York City and virtual over Zoom

The Voice Collective


here at the voice collective...

We empower professional singers to break free from all of the bullsh*t limitations that hold them back from expressing themselves fully and truthfully. 


We use an evidence-based & artist centered approach to help you build a flexible, reliable & confident vocal technique, so that you can take ownership of your artistry, book more shows/gigs that align with your values & goals, and feel inspired to create the art that fuels your soul.

Our clients include musical theater actors & recording artists who perform on Broadway stages, national & international tours, as well as regional theaters and popular music venues across the US.

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Our friendship and collaboration began at Boston Conservatory while we were working on our MFAs in Musical Theater Vocal Pedagogy. We found connection in our shared experience as professional performers who have often felt boxed in by industry expectations. Ignited by our passion for empowering performers to explore their vocal artistry beyond limitations, we came together as voice teachers to form The Voice Collective.

Cassi specializes in rough vocal effects, finding authenticity in pop/rock styles, demystifying the belt, and cross-genre training.

William specializes in body-mind-voice connection, singers who dance, Musical Theater, and cross-genre training. 

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Student Testimonials 
“Cassi is truly remarkable. She has a way with words that helps me understand what she's asking for, and I have never seen my voice transform as much as I have in Cassi's studio. She is personable and efficient and has helped me develop a healthier relationship with my voice and artistry. I highly recommend anyone to check out her studio, you will undoubtedly walk out with new tools and some nuggets of vocal wisdom.”

Kat Rodriguez

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