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Sing the music you love

with ease,
confidence, & joy


let's sing together

Ready to level up your singing? With our expertise and your voice as our guides, the possibilities for authentic and impactful singing are endless.

Through our work together, you'll walk away with all the tools you need to build a flexible, reliable, & confident vocal technique, so you can sing the music you love the way it feels best to you!

ways to work with us

Virtual Voice Lessons.png

1:1 voice lessons

$100/55 mins or $85/45 mins

Sing with Cassi or Will online over Zoom from the comfort of your home.

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1:1 voice lessons

$125/55 mins

Sing with Cassi or Will in-person in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

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group classes/

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choose the teacher that's right for you

“Cassi is truly remarkable. She has a way with words that helps me understand what she's asking for, and I have never seen my voice transform as much as I have in Cassi's studio."

- Kat Rodriguez

Wicked National Tour

collective thoughts

Camille discovers astonishing vocal ease 

"Working with Will, I'm constantly surprising myself. He guides me to sing in new and exciting ways with astonishing ease in our lessons. Will demystifies singing and makes it so much fun."

- Camille Umoff

Film/Theater Actress

Christopher Brasfield.jpeg

Christopher gets back in shape

“I was very out of shape vocally and had fallen into some bad habits. It was limiting and constricting. Cassi gave me the tools and techniques to free up my voice. The result has been truely amazing!!”

Christopher Brasfield

Film/Theater Actress

Megan Prout.JPG

Megan makes connections to her dance technique

I love that William creates such a safe environment. Also, since I’m a dancer William connects each vocal correction I’m given to dance, so I have a better understanding. I’m so thankful to have William as my teacher!"

- Megan Prout

Film/Theater Actress


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